Patrick Tisseghem rushes straight to heaven

Patirck Tisseghem

Patrick Tisseghem left this world rushing straight to heaven on Wednesday September 3, 2008. Though I knew patrick for few days, this was enough to engrave him in my mind and heart for the eternity. He was a wonderful teacher, a nice person and a giving spirit.

 When I heard the news of his tragic sudden death I was shocked like hell. He apparently passed away while teaching a course in Gothenburg, Sweden when he had a heart attack, and died shortly thereafter in the hospital at the age of 39.

I remember talking to Patrick early in 2007 while he gave me a course in Dubai. He had a great humurous spirit and a great calmness inside that makes you always in peace while talking to him. We talked in the break time about many things: life, travel, career, family and even some politics. I can never forget how he expressed his passions for the Middle East and his greatest passion to his family. Patrick, “Profke” as he liked to be called in his blog, had a wonderful wife and two adorable daughters. Though I never met them but I recall him talking gracefully about them and calling them “my three angels”.

Because Patrick has a heart that was larger than life and a spirit that is far beyond stronger than death and than the limits of the weak physical envelop sourrounding us that is called “The Body”, this small cruel world couldn’t handle his heart. It might stopped beating in this world but I am sure his soul is now roaming freely around us crossing through larger frontiers that his soul deserves more than this small world that is made of boudaries. His soul might got enough of these limits and decided to break free.

Patrick, wherever you are now I pray fo you to rest in peace. You have touched the lives of thousands of people and shed a light to millions during your short, but very, busy and eventful life. Tears are not enough and words can be awfully expressless in such occasions, but I do believe that feelings can cross the worlds to reach to you as strong as a thunderbolt and as tender as a warm breeze in a chilly day. You have trained an army that will always follow your lead and will raise your flag till the end of time. We will remember you and raise our prayers for you everytime we think, do or even mention SharePoint.

Finally, I will never say farewell because I am sure I will see you on the next side one day. So, till that time comes: see  you later pal.

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