Afkar and Microsoft reveal innovative technologies for web site management and governance

During a joint seminar held at Doha Sheraton titled 'Harnessing the Power of the Website, Afkar and Microsoft revealed innovative technologies for web site management and governance. Modern techniques and best practices of development and management of web site were presented by Afkar & Microsoft consultants.

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The seminar was attended by a considerable number of IT managers from both government and private sector.

Delegates during the seminar:
Mr. Mamoun El Beshtawi, Partner Account Manager of Microsoft Qatar, addressed the positive effect that Microsoft applications have on the daily-to-day operations of the various governmental authorities and private sector businesses. He highlighted Afkar dedication towards acquainting Qatar local market with the advancements in the e-Business disciplines.

Mr. El Beshtawi also praised the proficiency of Afkar and its competency to implement great deal of projects in short notice, he further added that Afkar is the only Qatari Company holder of 'Information Worker' competency that qualify for providing advance Internet and Intranet solutions to its customers.

Mr. Mamoun Eregat, Business Development Manager of Afkar, pointed out in his speech titled 'Web Content Management Systems and Business Impact' said that adoption of user-friendly technical solutions to web sites management should reflect positively on the site performance and thus maximize benefits and satisfy sites visitors.

Mr. Eregat added that Microsoft has great offerings in this field; Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS), the user-friendly Web Content Management (WCM) application that enables non-technical staff to manage and govern web sites with much ease convenience.

Mr. Eregat elaborated that many web sites had been established since the first introduction of the internet service in Qatar 12 years earlier and consequently several of these web sites gained regional and international recognition, however, pace of development and capacity for providing distinguished services to internet visitors was not as required, this was partially because of the lack of vision to web site and the lack of convenient technical environment necessary for management, updating, and catering for the needs of visitors of these sites.

Mr. Eregat stressed the need for setting out a comprehensive framework for development of attractive, user-friendly interactive web sites provided with regularly updated information. He cited the difference between the web sites managed by a WCM and one that not managed by a system, in light of time consumed, cost and the effort exerted. He also referred to the benefits gained by (MOSS) of relevance to the interactive web sites.

Mr. Eregat concluded by citing the necessity for implementation of advanced web site management systems conduit to achievement of both government and private sector web site objectives, he emphasized that such WCM implantation should contribute to the success of knowledge-based economy and knowledge-based society initiatives. He also stressed the necessity of governing the web sites and interrelation of same with the set out objectives, besides establishment of an on-going review, follow-up and updating mechanisms.

The speaker Sabah Corm, Product Manager - Information Worker in Microsoft Gulf, presented Microsoft offerings in information workers arena, she highlighted packages provided by Microsoft on Enterprise Content Management (WCM) in general and on the WCM and web site management in particular. She added that Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 ha established a renowned presence in this field, utilizing Microsoft vast expertise for providing user-friendly solutions for web site management, activation and interrelation with the user needs besides building interactive relations with the customers.

Mrs. Corm cited the correlation between the web sites and the intranet systems in use by the organization. She added that Microsoft software packages provide a comprehensive framework for business for exchange of information between the web sites and the intranet in use by the various government and private sector.

She cited also a set of regional and international web sites using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for management of their web sites, she added that such web sites have up to date databases, owing to the user-friendly management systems and ability to feed the web sites with up to date news, information, images of relevance with much ease and convenience.

Ms. Corm concluded the lecture by shedding light on Microsoft vision and roadmap on the web site management and software packages intended for future implementation in this regard.

The web site governance seminar included elaborate live presentation on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, conducted by Mr. Hisham Qadomi, Business Consultant of Afkar, through which he demonstrated the main advantages of MOSS with some stress on the benefits of implementing MOSS as WCM. Mr. Qadomi showed the advantage of using bilingual web sites and the ability for interaction with any publishing system connected to a web site. He added that Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is provided with a state-of-the-art security system.

By the end of the seminar, two live case studies were conducted on two Qatari projects implemented by Afkar using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 as a WCM, one of which is the Qatar Red Cross and the other is Public Works Authority (Ashghal), whereas Mr. Murhaf Taia, Manager of Business Solutions in Afkar, enlightened the audience with the Qatar Red Cross project using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for establishment of interactive web site that reflect the corporate identity of the Red Cross organization and avail the staff a continuing opportunity to update and upgrade the web site.

He added that the web site is bilingual (Arabic/English). He said that this web site was selected by the Microsoft to write and publish a formal case study which is published in using this project as a model for web sites using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 as an enterprise platform for WCM.

The speaker Mr. Senan Eida, Project Manager at Afkar, conducted elaborate presentation on the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) project developed by Afkar using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 as a WCM, the result of which was interactive web site in use now by Ashghal enabled them publishing their day-to-day information related to their business including projects and services information in addition to publishing detailed various online databases.

On October 2007, Microsoft has recognized Afkar as the best partner in Qatar in web site and Intranet development capabilities on top of MOSS. Afkar is also the only Qatari company that has specialization in Information Worker competency, which entails executing applications based on and associated with a band of Microsoft SharePoint.

SourceĀ AME Info